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Industrial Electrical Corporation is the brand Manufacturer of the Distribution Oil Cool Transformers. The works of M/s. IEC Transformers are equipped to manufacture Distribution transformers (Oil Cool) for ratings up to 1500 KVA and nominal system voltage up to 11/33/66 KV. Our transformers are in service all over the world. To meet the ever growing demand we are updating our manufacturing capacity to increase our range of manufacture to Completely Self Protected (CSP) as per the requirements of various Electricity Boards and private customers. The transformers are usually oil immersed, natural cooled or forced fan cooled suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. The transformers can be supplied either with Bare Bushings or Cable Boxed as per Customer's requirement. The manufacturing and testing at various stages strictly conforms to IS: 2026/1977. All fittings required are provided to suit customer's specific requirement.
The magnetic circuit of Oil Cool Transformer is of a laminated iron core. The company uses laminations of special silicon sheet which gives a high resistivity (to reduce eddy current losses) and also a low hysteresis loss. Hot rolled or cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel is used for laminations, but cold rolled grain oriented steel laminations are used for cores in all IEC Transformers

Winding & Insulation Assembly
The LV windings of Oil Cool Transformers are made from Paper Covered Copper Strips or Aluminum Strips and while assembly of transformer LV windings is placed nearest to the core. The HV windings are wound with Super Enameled Copper Wire or Aluminum Wire or Paper Covered Round Wire or Paper Covered Strips depending up to the rating and requirement of the transformers. The cross section of the conductor is also selected in order to maintain the thermal gradient in the winding within acceptable limits to increase the life of transformer.
Tapping and Tapping Switch
IEC provides off load / on load tap changer switches on special requests of the clients. The basic function of the switch is to add or remove number of turns from winding depending on the supply voltage of the transformer in order to get the required rated output voltage at the secondary side. With the help of these switches fine voltage variation can be obtained depending on load and the requirement.
Terminal Arrangement
The Oil Cool Transformers are fitted with Bare Porcelain Bushings and metal parts conforming to IS 3347 and the Specification for High Voltage Porcelain Bushing conform to IS 2099. In addition, Transformers are supplied with the Cable Box on LV and HV or Open Type on HV side on special requests.
Tank/Fabrication Box and Fittings
Transformer Oil Cool Tanks are fabricated from MS plates. The tank is fabricated as per the IS 1180-1989. After construction, tank has to pass the test to ensure that there is no leakage at the joints. For the test, tank is kept under pressure of 0.35Kg. / Sq. cm. Pressed Radiators are attached on the sides of the tank to dissipate heat generated from the winding. The number of radiators depends on the Size and Rating of the Transformer and the Cooling Area Calculation Required. Also, IEC provides detachable radiators if needed. Insulating Oil provided with Transformers are as per IS 335-1984.
The inside of the transformer tank and frame parts are given a coating of hot transformer oil resisting paint and the external part of transformer is given an external anti-corrosive primer coat and two finishing coats usually of admirably grey.
List of Fitting provided on Transformer
arrow Rating & diagram plate
arrow Air release plug
arrow Plain oil level gauge
arrow Bi directional flat roller (Qty.-4 Nos.)
arrow Top filter valve
arrow Radiators (As per Design)
arrow Earthing terminals (Qty.-2Nos.)
arrow Bottom Drain / Filter valve
arrow Lifting Lugs for Transformer
arrow Thermometer Pocket (Qty.-2 Nos.)
arrow Silica Gel Breather
Off / On circuit externally operated tapping switch
arrow Check Rating arrow Induced Voltage Test
arrow Insulation Resistance Test arrow Polarity Phase Relationship Test
arrow Winding Resistance Test arrow Break down value test of Transformer Oil
arrow Turns Ratio Test arrow Impedance Voltage of Transformer
arrow No load Current Test arrow Temperature Rise Test
arrow No load losses Test arrow Insulation level & Dielectric Test
arrow Full load losses Measurement Test arrow Impulse Test
arrow High Voltage Test arrow Short Circuit withstand Test
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