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Servo Stabilizer is the equipment which provides constant output voltage to load. Generally, it has been observed that there is never a constant supply of voltage (230V in Single Phase or 415V in 3 Phase) in AC Main Supply. Usually, it varies from 150V-300V and 300V to 500 Volt. Hence, due to which the severe conditions can emerge like Over Load Conditions, Heavy Line Losses, Poor Power Factor, Problem of Machinery Damage, and many more. Generally, during daytime the connected load is more to main supply and hence there is dip (low voltage) and in night time the voltage supply is more as the connected load decreases. Due to such fluctuations in AC main supply it results in frequent breakdown, low production and also loss of energy. Nowadays, Power Companies insist the consumers to install the Servo Stabilizers to improve power factor and the life of the machinery, to get the better results in power saving. But Voltage is also important factor to save the power loss. Technically it has proved that Transformers, Motors and all other machines works very efficiently and with minimum breakdown at constant voltage supply of 415V or 400V. Hence, installing Servo Stabilizer is useful not for minimum breakdown and life of machinery installed but also for the power saving in high time of huge energy crisis all over the world. The entire load can connected to one single Servo Stabilizer or can be installed according to the individual machine's requirement. But the cheaper idea would be to install One Servo Stabilizer for entire load.

IEC Servo Stabilizers is the brand name for manufacturing and it covers all problem mentioned above and is effective in power saving.

"IEC" Servo Stabilizers complies IS 9815 - Automatic line voltage corrector and latest amendments.

Our range includes stabilizers in various specifications that suit the input voltage variations of industries, commercial buildings, residential buildings and small businesses

Efficiency & Regulation
The stabilizer have efficiency better than 95% at full load and voltage regulation of +/-1% from specified voltage from no load to full load
Emergency by-pass
Provision to by pass is provided to switch on the output in case of emergency and at stabilizer maintenance time.
Indication and Metering
LED type indication lamps for the following are provided separately per phase.
1. Input high & input low
2. Input on & output on
3. Output trip
arrow Voltmeter with Input / output & phase selection switch is provided for measuring all individual phase voltage.
arrow A meter with phase selection switch is provided for measuring load of stabilizer as per customer requirement.
The IEC is an indispensable companion with all the high tech electrical & electronic equipment & machinery required steady voltage input. It will find fruitful applications in.
arrow Computer Centers arrow Process Industries arrow Cold Storages
arrow Hospitals arrow Cement Plants arrow Food Processing Units
arrow Offices arrow Rubber Industries arrow Oil and Vanaspati Plants
arrow Factories arrow Flour Mills arrow Rolling Mills
arrow Scientific Laboratorie arrow Paper Mills arrow Footwear & Leather Units
arrow Xerox Centers arrow Engineering Units arrow Textile Mills
arrow EDP Centers arrow Tube Mills arrow Distilleries & Beverages
arrow Residential Bungalows arrow Pharmaceutical Units  
arrow Hotels arrow Tea Estates  
Design Features
arrow A complete solid state design using Relay drives.
arrow Fast rate of correction greater then 36 Volts/Sec.
arrow Short-circuit protection.
arrow Overload protection. Fast rate of correction greater then 36 Volts/Sec.
arrow Short-circuit protection.
arrow Overload protection.
arrow Output error is less than 95%.
arrow Efficiency is greater than 95%.
arrow Waveform distortion is zero.
arrow Visual warning with LED's against very high & very low input Voltages.
arrow Performance unaffected by load power factor.
arrow Corrects voltage automatically and continuously
arrow Motors operate at high efficiency with improved power factor Protects costly manufacturing equipment
arrow Less production losses and better efficiency
arrow Reduction in electricity bills
arrow Saves on diesel cost as generator is not required to run at high/low input voltages
arrow Provides long service life
Optional Features
arrow Audio alarm at high / low inputs
arrow Automatic high/low cut out facility with manual reset.
arrow Transient suppression network.
arrow Line noise suppression network.
Single Phase Three Phase
Input A.C. 170 V to 270 VAC 300 V to 460 VAC
Output 230 VAC 1% 415 VAC 1%
Frequency 47 - 51 Hz. 47 - 51 Hz.
Phase Single Three
Volt Correction 32 Volt/sec. Max. 32 Volt/sec.
Line Regulation 1% 1%
Load Regulation 1% 1%
Over Load Capacity 120% for 1 minute. 120% for 1 minute.
Capacity 0.5 KVA to 1500 KVA in both the models
Other input voltage ranges:
arrow 160-260 V / 160-300 V / 150-300 V.
arrow 300-480 V / 330-480 V / 360-480 V / 360-500 V
arrow Transient suppression network.
Energy Saving Calculation /Payback
Payback period of servo stabilizer is about 8-12 months after installation. This payback period is depending on input voltage variation and working hours of plant/office. Higher the input voltage, the payback period will be shorter.

Power Saving in 100 KW Supply
Total Connected Load (PI) is 100 KW
Assume that
Supply Volt (V1): 440 Volt.
Require Volt (V2): 400 Volt.
P2/P1 = V22/V12
P2 = P1 (V2/V1)2
P2 = 100(400/440)2
= 82.63
Saving in KW = 17 KW
Working hours average 12 hours a day for 360 day.
Total Unit Saved 73440 KWH.
Average cost per unit 3.50/KWH.
Total Amount Saved = 73440 x 6.50
= Rs. 4, 77,360 / Annum

Cost of 100 KVA units is nearly 1, 40,000/-
So, payback period is one year.
Life of this equipment is 15 years.
Note: - Calculation is on base of unity P.F.

Power Saving and Reduction in Breakdown
If Output Voltage Set At 400 V for 380-480 V Input Range
Single Phase Three Phase

Input Voltage
170 V to 270 VAC 300 V to 460 VAC
Below 380 V 15 % Reduction In Breakdown No Power Saving But Stabilizer Can Install For Protection Of Sensitive Electronics & Electrical Equipment
390 V 95 % Reduction In Breakdown No Power Saving
420 V 95 % Reduction In Breakdown No Power Saving
440 V 95 % Reduction In Breakdown Approx. 7 %
460 V 95 % Reduction In Breakdown Approx. 9 %
480 V 95 % Reduction In Breakdown Approx. 12 %
Above 480 V 15 % Reduction In Breakdown Above 12 %
arrow Quick, steady and accurate correction of voltage
arrow Constant output voltage, despite load current variations
arrow Balanced output voltage, irrespective of input unbalance
arrow Approximately 98% efficiency
arrow Customization possible
arrow Reduction in breakdown of the electrical equipment
arrow Energy saving ranging from 5 % to 10 %
arrow Physical Examination of unit
arrow High Voltage Test
arrow Voltage Correction Ratio
arrow Insulation Resistance Test
arrow No load Current Test
arrow Leakage Current Test
arrow Output Voltage Test Output Voltage with Variation of Input Voltage Range No load losses Test
arrow Output Voltage with Variation of Input Voltage Range
arrow No load losses Test
Specification Selection of Servo Stabilizer
(A) Voltage Fluctuation:
Note down hourly reading of your Input Voltage by a voltmeter for three days. Check the lowest voltage & highest voltage during the 24 hours. Pick the lowest & highest voltage & give some gap of 5% for more fluctuation & select the lowest & highest Input Range.
(B) Load Fluctuation:
Note down the hourly reading of your individual phase to neutral with good Condition ampere meter. If your load is balance in all three phase or within 10% of your load, balance type Servo Stabilizer is applicable. If your load is unbalance more than 10%, we suggest you unbalance type Servo Stabilizer. Unbalance type Servo Stabilizer give you correction of voltage in individual phase & helps you to save your equipments & power.
(C) Selection of Rating (KVA):
Check your all power connection (KVA) on which you want to fix the Servo Stabilizer & select it as per your connected load. You can install higher capacity servo stabilizer which is suitable for combine load of your plant. This will be economical and easy to maintain.
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